Hi! My name is Bailey Norton. I’m a comedian and artist in Los Angeles, CA. Naughty Bits is my baby, and I’m sure you have questions, let me try to answer them.
You may have landed on this website and be thinking “what is this” and that is a very reasonable and good question. Let me start with the basics: these are prints. Of paintings. That I made. If you buy them, I mail them to you, and you display however and wherever you choose. You know, like art. Verrrry similar to art.
“Why did you paint these?” You might be asking. “They’re all buck necked,” you might be noticing. Yes. They are. The truth is that the idea to paint tiny naked portraits just popped into my head, and I followed it. The more I painted the more I noticed this feeling of catharsis. I think my subconscious was acknowledging, and subsequently scraping off, the layers and layers and layers of shame that I had built up for my own body. 
I don’t know a single person who has only ever felt completely at home in their physical form. I have certainly not always felt at home in mine. Shame about our naked bodies has been instilled in us from every direction since we materialized on this Earth, and I frankly don’t fucking like that. 
The people I paint are intentionally nobody specific. Some of them come from my imagination, some of them are inspired by people I’ve seen on ~certain websites~, and some of them are people I know and will never name. 
My hope with Naughty Bits is to create artwork that people can see themselves in. I hope for you to feel sexy and seen, freaky and free, represented, accepted, loved, liked, desired, inspired, powerful in your nakedness and totally whole in your frame. 


What are Naughty Bits? 

Naughty Bits are itty-bitty, teensy-weensy, teeny-tiny hand-painted nudes with Acrylic on 2x2” Cotton Canvas which are then digitally remastered in 176 different skin tones (with names anywhere from "Boiled Chicken" to "Imperial Topaz"), reproduced as stickers or prints, packaged, and mailed right to your door.  


How do you make these? 

We print them on a gigantic printer that uses UV ink and then we cut out the prints and hand frame them. It’s really cool, you would love it. 


What is the difference between Vinyl Canvas and Premium Cotton Canvas?

Vinyl Canvas is made from PVC plastic and has a texture that looks very similar to canvas. It's waterproof, UV resistant, and has great durability and stretch. Premium Cotton Canvas is 100% authentic canvas, which is what the originals were painted on. It's extremely durable, waterproof, has a consistent weave, and it looks just like the real thing (because it is the real thing!).


What am I going to realistically do with these? 

Okay, love that you asked. The original Bits hung in my bathroom in a mini gallery, so that (along with any of your personal nude art needs) is an option. But Naughty Bits have hundreds if not billions of functions! A few of them are: Gag gifts for your friends; Gag gifts for Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties; White elephant gifts at your office holiday party (perfect for not writing your name on them because NSFW); Funny birthday gifts-- basically, any combination of funny gag gift or stocking stuffer ideas you might need, these should have you covered.


Can I buy the original paintings?

Maybe! If this is something you’re interested in let us know by sending an email to customerservice@naughtybitsdesign.com

Can I make a custom order? 

This is something we want to offer sooner rather than later, but since there’s only one painter (it’s me Bailey remember from earlier) we have to make sure the bandwidth exists. If you’re interested in a custom order let us know by sending an email to orders@naughtybitsdesign.com 

What if there’s a problem with my order?

All sales are final, but we’re not monsters. If there’s an issue, contact us at customerservice@naughtybitsdesign.com and we’ll do our best to get everything sorted.